Baliwick F Lee Bailey
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Canadian & Australian Champion
Baliwick F Lee Bailey (Imp USA)


"Bailey" was co-owned by
  Nola Westren and Fay Thomasen

from 30th August 2004 till 28th April 2009
Bailey was released from Quarantine on the 30th October 2004
In Australia Bailey lived with, was shown to his title and
cared for by his co-owner Fay Thomasen
(except for a 5 day stay with Nola Westren
from the 1st to the 6th April 2005)

Bailey was transferred into both names before leaving Canada

     Happily, recent proceedings in the Supreme Court of New South Wales were dismissed on 21st April 2009 after

- Nola Westren agreed to pay Fay Thomasen

- Fay Thomasen agreed to transfer her half share of Bailey in return for such payment from Nola Westren.



28/4/09 - Bailey at play in my backyard prior to going to his new home.

Bailey was VET check by a local and well known VET

 Male Toy Poodle 3.5kg 6years and 6 months found to be Healthy normal heart, eyes,
good body condition, bright and alert, microchip checked - 136872295A prior to leaving for his new home..


28/4/09 - Bailey just before going to his new home.

Photo of Bailey in Canada before coming to Australia.




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   Fay Thomasen

   P.O. Box 962

       Seven Hills. N.S.W. Australia 1730   



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